23 things to do for my 23rd birthday.

[months left till i turn 23]: 1

in one month i will be turning 23. i'll be leaving the gloriouss age of 22 and entering into the wonderful world of 23.

so i've compiled a list of 23 things i've never done before and would like to do for my birthday. they must be completed between now and the end of march. i don't know if that's possible at all, but i'm going to try my best. and there are still a few things i'm not so sure about. so it might change over the course of a month.

here it is in no particular order:

1.go to a Laker game
2. go to a shooting range and shoot a gun
3. paintball
4. see wicked
5. spend a weekend in san diego in the gaslamp quarter
6. spend less than 24 hours in vegas
7. go to a tv taping
8. ride a hot air balloon
9. eat a sprinkles cupcake
10. check out the south park flea market
11. get a tattoo
12. get as close to the hollywood sign as possible
13. take the bus to and from work
14. go to the los angeles county aboretum
15. check out the huntington library
16. watch a movie at a drive in movie theater
17. bowl at Lucky Strike
18. try Indian food
19. try soy food
20. hike the Diamond Bar trail by my house that i always pass by and say i'll try
21. visit a church of a completely different faith
22. icepan icecream!
23. watch a movie at a silent movie theater

everyone is invited to join in the birthday festivities. give me a holler if you would like to do any of those things with me. the more the merrier!


selle said...

hey, haven't you gone to a tv taping already? i recall price is right when u were in college!

nice list btw, wicked looks like fun!

caseymoot said...

weekend in san diego you say? well what are you doing easter weekend? because i think carrie & i are going to be doing just that.
AND i also like the idea of hot air balloon rides (despite my fears), drive in movie theaters and sprinkled cupcakes. :)

Frances Tibayan said...

Wow pretty extensive list you got there :) That's a good idea, I'll try making a list. Wow little Krizzzza is turning 23...you're not so little anymore "Lil' Rock" haha remember that? Thanks for the encouragement of us having a little girl, I'm sure we will enjoy it very much. Love ya and hope to see you soon...hey DC should be on your birthday list!

Love ya,

P.S. Do you like Hannah Montana?!?! I love her! PJ thinks I'm funny for liking her :) Elijah and I would watch her on Saturday mornings, maybe Elijah has a crush on her :)

josh said...


so i just found out about this blogsite. good job on the list. this is a list that i can work with. later lil rock.

Mochness said...

Hey there!

I found your blog as I was googling for birthday ideas. I was inspired by your list. Mine will be: "23 Things To Do On My First 23 Days As A 23-Year Old" and my list won't be as cool as yours, since my city hardly has any fun activities in it =(

I'll make a post about it on my birthday, which is when I'll start working on checking things off my list. I'm compiling mine till then =P

Mona Lisa Moon said...

I came across your blog as I was trying to figure out what I want to do for MY 23rd birthday. I too wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride and invited someone I wanted to go on one with along with staying over at a bed and breakfast place but was just turned down so I was re-thinking it. Thanks for the inspiration for the list-making. I think I'll go ahead and re-start one as well!

Mona Lisa Moon